It is no hot news that the sole purpose of technology is to put the humankind at ease. Some would even take the liberty of stating that technology is a slave to humans (or is it the other way round? Let us put that aside for debate sometime later). We have gained firm control over our lives with the help of technology. From deciding to dodge a call on our landlines since the caller id furnishes us with that information to opening our garage doors without having to strain a muscle or two, technology with its smart innovations have been at our beck and call and made our lives easy. It, therefore, is time to acknowledge the gift of technology and discuss the latest feats that it has achieved.

Wireless garage door openers have been in trend for a long time now. We do not need to open our garage doors or lock it back manually. Remotes do that job for us. However, today we have the kind of technology that will equip us with the power to access our garage doors and control them through apps that runs on wifi or any other internet connection. Here’s presenting to you a carefully curated list of the best wifi garage door openers and controllers

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201

This garage door opener is easy to install and works by connecting itself to a wifi router. The app is available for download on Android and iOS, however, can also be operated through a browser for those who do not want to download the app. This is a favourite among garage openers and does more than just opening or closing the door. MYQ also gives information to its users about the state of the garage door, by sending notifications on their phones whenever the door is left open or closed.

828LM Liftmaster

Liftmaster, just like Chamberlain, is quite a rage among garage owner. Liftmaster however, does not work with any other openers but those of the Liftmaster brands. You need to have a Liftmaster product for it to function. No annual fee needs to be paid to get the app of Liftmaster. The customer reviews of the app are pretty decent and can thus, be recommended for use.

Asante Garage door opener

Asante garage door openers have high utilities. It serves like all other garage door openers however has a twist that makes it more interesting. Asante garage door openers come along with a camera kit that gives its users a direct peek into their garage which further enables them to control their garage doors effectively. It also provides the option of night vision that can be switched on and off manually. The cost of the kit as well as installing it might be a down for this garage opener, but when compared to the multiple functions it is capable of performing, the cost seems appropriate.

Nexx Garage Smart Remote garage door opener

At this point in the article, you might question that if all the garage door openers seem to operate on the same principles, why not just go for the most cost-effective one! Well, the Nexx Garage Smart Remote garage door opener is here to answer your question. Besides being super easy to install and accessible from many cell phones, this gains a higher USP owing to its integration with Alexa and Google assistant. So what are you waiting for? Get your Nexx Garage Smart Remote garage opener today.

Gogogate 2


This garage door opener is a hot choice among garage owners owing to its ability to control three garage doors. This garage opener is also made in a way to handle difficult temperatures which enables it to control gates instead of doors too. It integrates itself with Amazon Echo and IFTTT which makes it a suitable choice for many garage owners.

Nu Tone Z-Wave

This garage opener not just sends you visual notifications for when you leave that garage door opened, but also sends you audible notifications just in case you miss the visual ones. It has sensitive motion detection and is encrypted which makes it a tough nut to hack.

So arm yourself with all the knowledge that you need about the best wifi garage door openers and controllers and ensure that your car has the best security.