A garage door could be the most neglected part of your home requiring your time to observe and inspect its condition and performance. Your garage door deserves the same kind of care you give to your air conditioner or alarm system. A well-maintained garage door will keep away intruders from your vehicle or storage place. Homeowners should understand that garage doors require continuous inspection and maintenance to help in knowing whether the door is still functional and safe. These regular inspections will show potential problems which require the attention of a garage door repair expert.

Cracks between the Ground and Garage Door

With time your garage door is prone to develop gaps because of warping triggered by water or other components. You have to close the holes to prevent interference from rodents, critters and other intruders who can easily slip beneath your garage door.

Preventing Rust

Due to many cables and springs in your garage door, it is prone to rusting if you will not be keen on yearly maintenance. The garage parts could finally fail to work due to negligence. You can save yourself lots of time on future maintenance because garage door problems can spread and affect other door parts, even becoming costly if not addressed

Check if your Sensors are working properly

The sensors are the most crucial part of your garage door which must work correctly, or your door will not open. In case your garage door is opening and shutting down irregularly, you may consider cleaning or realigning the sensors. You can also clear the clutter surrounding the sensors. If there is a stuck object in the doors way, the sensors will stop it from closing.

Slow Door Response

Take your time to check whether the door responds to your commands. Usually, the door opens and closes smoothly in seconds without hitches after pressing the opener. If you happen to experience delays in the operation, then there must be a problem with your door or the opener. You can decide to hire a garage door repair expert to examine your door and offer a solution.

Bending Garage Door Units

Always test the balance of your garage door monthly. The test will involve separating the opener from the door and operating it manually. When you open the door and leave it midway, it should not rise or fall. If there is a rise or fall, then there must be a problem with the tension spring and other areas of your door. It is not advisable to check or repair the door parts on your own, especially if you lack prior Knowledge.


If you have a garage door which is not correctly working, it could lead to injuries or multiple property damage. You have a choice to be safe and lower other risks if you seek the services of The Garage Door Guy Corp or a door specialist. The specialist will examine your garage and address some of the possible issues which are affecting your garage door.